Collaborative Approaches for linking Circular Economy Initiatives - CIRCULINK

2018-10-01 - 2020-09-30


The Circulink project aims to support actors and SMEs in the Circular Economy to develop their competences, skills and understanding of Circular Business Models.  Circular Business Models are in contrast to traditional linear business models which produce excess waste products and do not re-use these products in the manufacture of other goods. CBM are linked to the circular economy, because this form of business models strive to use fewer materials and resources in the production and provision of goods and services to global consumers; to extend the life of existing products and goods by reusing and re-investing these goods in the manufacturing process; to reduce the global waste produced by industry; to lessen the carbon footprint of manufacturing and production on the environment and to save money for businesses of all sizes and scales in the process.  The Circulink project team will produce different educational outputs that will support SMEs and CE actors to improve their knowledge of CMB so that they can develop these more sustainable business practices.  We will also work to up-skill VET professionals so that they can be supported to provide this targeted training to actors in the Circular Economy.

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