European Projects

FIPL has vast experience of developing and delivering projects funded through the European Lifelong Learning and Erasmus+ Programmes.  Through these programmes, FIPL have been a collaborative partner in more than 30 projects, which have each focused on responding to specific educational, social, economic and civic issues affecting European society.  

The following is a list of the current Erasmus+ projects that we are participating in.  

Past projects

Bridging the gap between VET and business: Modern talent management and analytics 4.0 for SMEs in Europe - Talent 4.0

Collaborative Approaches for linking Circular Economy Initiatives - CIRCULINK

Online Educational Escape Rooms to Re- engage ESLs and NEETs - NEET-SYSTEM

Stories, Tales and Customs to Raise Intercultural Awareness - PAST-TIMES

Building Key Competences Through Challenge Based Learning - NEURO-GUIDE

Using Performing Arts for Building Key Competences - ARTISTIC-LICENCE

Lay Community Health Advisors - ON-CALL

Foster European Active Citizenship and Sustainability Through Ecological Thinking by NGOs - NGEnvironment

Entrepreneurship education using challenge-based learning - T-CHALLENGE

Boosting the skills of youth to deal with stress at work - BOOSTRESS

Digital, Responsible Citizenship in a Connected World - DRC

Tacit knowledge emerging for a sustainable valorisation of the cultural heritage in rural and peripheral communities - VALoR

Supporting Migrant Women As Integration And Community Leaders - ENGAGE

Micro-enterprise Learning Partnerships - ME2ME

Raising awareness of how radicalization happens for greater individual safety and country security - HEADS-UP

Competence development of youth workers & youth trainers who work towards the social inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities - ARTSQUAD

Green Entrepreneurship Training - Underpinning Prosperity - GET-UP

Supporting Graduate Entrepreneurship in the Creative Sector - SHADOWS

Youth for Europe Harnessing the power of digital media tools to prevent the radicalisation of vulnerable youth - CONCORDIA

Beyond Retirement - A Migrant Integration Resource - BRAMIR

Career Management Skills - a new literacy for employment - ACUMEN